A few months ago, I finally accepted the fact that I needed to go dairy free. This meant quite a few changes in my diet – so many delicious things that are full of dairy!

The one thing I didn’t want to give up though was my baking! I am by no means an exceptional baker, but I do enjoy it a lot and I love being able to share it with others. I’ve already done some gluten free/dairy free baking in the past because of some of my friends, but now I had a whole extra motivation to give it a go!

The point of this blog really, is to share my suggestions and good finds for dairy free alternatives in baking, for the average New Zealander.

My goal is to make dairy free baking seem much less intimidating for anyone out there with friends or family who are dairy free, or who is dairy free themselves, and wants to bake! Baking is love, it’s creativity, and it doesn’t have to be scary!

Dairy Free baking is easier than you think 🙂